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Jan, 2021

Become a Sponsor!

ss2020.docx-download this form and send in with your payment. Contact [email protected] for more information.

There are four ways you can contribute: All are tax deductible!

  1. Advertising Sign

    -You can purchase a sign with your business information for a first time fee of $300.00. Each year, you may choose to renew your advertisement for $150.00. Banner signs are attached to our outfield fences where spectators can see.

  2. Team Sponsorship

    -Your business name will appear on the back of a team’s jerseys. Sponsorship of a team is a year-to-year renewal for $350.00. Your donation helps purchase these uniforms for the team you sponsor. If you are associated with a MLL player, you may request to sponsor that team.

  3. Field Sponsorship

    -Your business name will appear on a large sign located on the backstop of the field you sponsor. This sponsorship lasts for 3 years and costs $1500.00. You may also choose to hang a larger sign from our score boards for $1500.00 for 3 years.

  4. Charitable Donation- If you do not wish to be a sponsor, we would love any contribution you can give. Money is put aside in a scholarship fund to help those children who cannot afford the price of registration or for needed equipment.